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Trash the dress: a celebration of divorce

These photos are from a most raw and private hour, an emotional crucible that was the only way I knew to heal myself and move forward from a marriage that was headed toward divorce from the day it began. I share now for the first time, in order, and let them narrate for themselves.

Redefining empathy and sympathy, so we may actually do good

Having coffee with my friend, we looked out at the street, busy with cars hustling their passengers to work in the early light of morning—and tried to imagine a car wreck.

“Who is best able to respond?” we mused. “The empathetic bystander or the sympathetic one?” Is there even a difference between the two?

Walls: how kids know we love them enough

Why set firm boundaries for your kids?

A friend described it this way: that our job as parents is to create these strong walls around our kids. Our kids will push up against them to test, Do you love me enough? Do you love me enough to hold this wall for me? 

What many parents of teenagers see as frustrating acts of rebellion, my friend sees as a yearning for love. So beautiful.

On: Embarrassment and regret

We all know that feeling: the one where you're in the car driving home and all you can think about is that stupid thing you did. Or the thing you shared about yourself that you probably shouldn't have shared.

Junior high: one long trove of, Oh god, why did I do that? 

{I'm} myself.

{I'm} myself.

Why ask the big questions: who am I? where do we come from? why do we exist? We hike somewhere out west, write our name on a rock. I was here.