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The things we measure

In 2008, I was listening to the head of the World Wildlife Fund speak about the importance of collecting data: "We measure the things we care about," he said. Carter Roberts was arguing for why, when we care about saving a particular species, we can't just pour all our money into buying up habitat: we also have to measure how the population is doing.

Roberts went on to describe how, growing up, his dad would mark his height on the back of a door in their house. Every birthday, another pencil mark at the top of his little boy's head.

Redefining empathy and sympathy, so we may actually do good

Having coffee with my friend, we looked out at the street, busy with cars hustling their passengers to work in the early light of morning—and tried to imagine a car wreck.

“Who is best able to respond?” we mused. “The empathetic bystander or the sympathetic one?” Is there even a difference between the two?

On: Embarrassment and regret

We all know that feeling: the one where you're in the car driving home and all you can think about is that stupid thing you did. Or the thing you shared about yourself that you probably shouldn't have shared.

Junior high: one long trove of, Oh god, why did I do that? 

{I'm} myself.

{I'm} myself.

Why ask the big questions: who am I? where do we come from? why do we exist? We hike somewhere out west, write our name on a rock. I was here.