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You're a military wife now.

This is what my therapist says somewhere in the middle of our first session together.

Military. Wife.

This should be an obvious statement, but the way it struck me and how it continues to echo around inside my head highlights my resistance to the label. Military wife. 

Of colons and men; and learning by contrast

When my husband sends me a Google calendar invite for Colonoscopy @ Thu Apr 12, I shrug and accept.

"What did you do, book us the Couple's Colonoscopy Suite?" I say. "I'm imagining luxurious sheets, our tables side-by-side, the scent of lavender."

"I knew you were going to give me a hard time about that one," he says. 

Walls: how kids know we love them enough

Why set firm boundaries for your kids?

A friend described it this way: that our job as parents is to create these strong walls around our kids. Our kids will push up against them to test, Do you love me enough? Do you love me enough to hold this wall for me? 

What many parents of teenagers see as frustrating acts of rebellion, my friend sees as a yearning for love. So beautiful.

A funeral for my single self

My husband and I are on the back porch talking about what's coming for his career and for our family in the next few years. Another couple with whom we are friends has been looking at buying an Airstream or similar RV. This has sparked some romantic notions in each of us.