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Ironman 70.3 Worlds in Nice, France: THANK YOU

I am overjoyed and deeply honored to once again represent the USA on the world stage for triathlon.

This sport is all about connections: to ourselves, to those we love, to the incredible triathlon community. This opportunity is mine only because of them. From my heart: thank you, thank you.

How sports free us from chronic stress; and an Oceanside 70.3 recap

One way to think about sports is as a structure for overcoming obstacles, in competition. Get from here to there, jump from this to that, take this thing and move it over there—and do it fastest, or farthest. Sports is a recognition that strength and self-transformation don’t happen by sitting in the bleachers.

Many of us now live in chronic stress and anxiety. In response, there is a trend toward slowing down: slow food, gentle movement, meditation.

Why do so many men do Ironman? Why do so many women do yoga?

If a woman wants “me” time, that’s assumed to be code for grocery shopping without the kids, going to a one-hour yoga class, or indulging at a spa. 

Have you ever heard a man say, “I need some ‘me’ time”?

A woman should be toned, but not muscular; be fit, but not by taking time away from her family; eat well, but not the whole bowl; glow, but not sweat; be confident, but not want to win.

Take the Leap: Recaping the 2018 World Championship in South Africa

You know that thing where you are working hard for something, over months or even years, and you keep imagining it in your mind, in pieces, like what you will wear, and just how hard will you have to push your legs, and what will the expression be on your face at that particular moment—and then it happens, you really live it for 4 hours and 35 minutes, and you’re just like, Wow.

Dealing (not dealing) with injury

I’m grounded from running right now. I have screeching pain in the area around my left hip flexor. Despite improvement every day, full recovery remains out of reach. What I originally thought was a small hiccup, three to five days off, has settled into an ever-present prohibition against the freedom of opening up into a long stride at the track, kicking too hard in the pool, or bouncing down the stairs.

It's telling that I recently said to someone I’d been off running for a month—when in actuality it was only two weeks. But when you’re stuck in a limbo of waiting for something to arrive over which you have so little influence, the imagination obliges with worst-case scenarios. 

The things we measure

In 2008, I was listening to the head of the World Wildlife Fund speak about the importance of collecting data: "We measure the things we care about," he said. Carter Roberts was arguing for why, when we care about saving a particular species, we can't just pour all our money into buying up habitat: we also have to measure how the population is doing.

Roberts went on to describe how, growing up, his dad would mark his height on the back of a door in their house. Every birthday, another pencil mark at the top of his little boy's head.

I want to talk about women in spandex.

Does this kit make me look fat? 

Do you remember a few years ago when held a contest where our community voted on who, among photos submitted by fellow triathletes, had the best body? The magazine wrote:

Triathletes love showing off the bodies they work so hard to achieve. We’re touting the best bodies in the sport—and the hard work that goes in to creating them . . .

It's really happening, I've gone pro!!

A gift to myself following St. George: on Friday, USAT officially accepted me as a pro (or elite)!! It's so exciting to declare, out loud, this is what I'm passionate about and get to do it at the level of the heroines in this sport. 

I’m an athlete, a {triathlete}.

I’m an athlete, a {triathlete}.

It’s not just the hours training and recovering and transporting; it’s finding slack in everything else. Sometimes getting it wrong. It’s the rhythm of my year, the winter doldrums to the summers of explosive radiance.