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Where I'm at with feminism this week, in three bullet points

Respect me for who I am and what I do. Just like everyone else.

On Monday at swim practice, we were waiting at the wall for the first set when a male lane mate started playfully splashing water at me. What I wanted to say to him:

  • Would you be splashing me if I were a guy?

  • If my husband were sitting right there on the pool deck, would you be splashing me then?

How sports free us from chronic stress; and an Oceanside 70.3 recap

One way to think about sports is as a structure for overcoming obstacles, in competition. Get from here to there, jump from this to that, take this thing and move it over there—and do it fastest, or farthest. Sports is a recognition that strength and self-transformation don’t happen by sitting in the bleachers.

Many of us now live in chronic stress and anxiety. In response, there is a trend toward slowing down: slow food, gentle movement, meditation.

Why do so many men do Ironman? Why do so many women do yoga?

If a woman wants “me” time, that’s assumed to be code for grocery shopping without the kids, going to a one-hour yoga class, or indulging at a spa. 

Have you ever heard a man say, “I need some ‘me’ time”?

A woman should be toned, but not muscular; be fit, but not by taking time away from her family; eat well, but not the whole bowl; glow, but not sweat; be confident, but not want to win.

I want to talk about women in spandex.

Does this kit make me look fat? 

Do you remember a few years ago when held a contest where our community voted on who, among photos submitted by fellow triathletes, had the best body? The magazine wrote:

Triathletes love showing off the bodies they work so hard to achieve. We’re touting the best bodies in the sport—and the hard work that goes in to creating them . . .

Girls on the Run is so much fun!!

Last Saturday was a BIG day for the 12 girls who've been training since September. They all achieved their goal of finishing their first 5 kilometer run.

I'm proud of them for crossing that finish line—despite, in the words of my run buddy—"My legs hate me! This is so hard!" But I am even more proud to see the way they've congealed as a team. They egged each other on for face paint and hair dye, then clung to each other in a big clump in the final moments before the start. These are girls are discovering the powerful bonds team sports creates among women.