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Why do so many men do Ironman? Why do so many women do yoga?

If a woman wants “me” time, that’s assumed to be code for grocery shopping without the kids, going to a one-hour yoga class, or indulging at a spa. 

Have you ever heard a man say, “I need some ‘me’ time”?

A woman should be toned, but not muscular; be fit, but not by taking time away from her family; eat well, but not the whole bowl; glow, but not sweat; be confident, but not want to win.

I want to talk about women in spandex.

Does this kit make me look fat? 

Do you remember a few years ago when held a contest where our community voted on who, among photos submitted by fellow triathletes, had the best body? The magazine wrote:

Triathletes love showing off the bodies they work so hard to achieve. We’re touting the best bodies in the sport—and the hard work that goes in to creating them . . .

Girls on the Run is so much fun!!

Last Saturday was a BIG day for the 12 girls who've been training since September. They all achieved their goal of finishing their first 5 kilometer run.

I'm proud of them for crossing that finish line—despite, in the words of my run buddy—"My legs hate me! This is so hard!" But I am even more proud to see the way they've congealed as a team. They egged each other on for face paint and hair dye, then clung to each other in a big clump in the final moments before the start. These are girls are discovering the powerful bonds team sports creates among women.