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The fight in yoga and how Richard became the Lionheart

There’s a legend about how Richard the Lionheart, a famous king and warrior during the 12th century, got his name.

Richard was imprisoned on his way home from the Crusades by the King of the Roman Empire. As the story goes, the King decided he would first starve his prisoner—and then he would unleash a wild lion into the cell. What did Richard do when he heard of this terrible plot? He did the only thing he could do: He prepared to fight. Richard took the candle in his cell and melted the wax into his palm where it hardened, giving him a stronger fist.

Arriving at joy, even when life seems shit

I was 28 and desperately in love; but the relationship was tearing me apart and I couldn’t figure out if I should stay or if I should go. Therapy, religion, my mother—someone needed to give me some answers.

I knew I was unhappy; but would I be happy in the future if I stuck it out or if I pulled chocks and started over with someone new?

There’s a story I remember hearing around that time about happiness or joy.